[Colloque] Première conférence internationale sur la Perspective Temporelle, organisée à Coimbra, Portugal, en septembre 2012

1st International Conference on Time Perspective (ICTP)

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to actively participate in the 1st International Conference on Time Perspective. Being the first, we hope it to be a milestone in highlighting the research efforts spent in different psychological approaches to understand the role played by time concepts in individual, group, and organizational development and their antecedents and consequences in general. In a moment in time where the past, the present and the future are intensively invested with meaning and intention, researchers coming from all over the world will reflect on how time perspectives impact on our lives, from the more proximal to the most distal socio-ecological contexts. During three intense and exciting days, senior and junior researchers will exchange and question emerging and well established concepts, reflect upon diverse and joint projects and prepare the path for future developments. Lectures, oral presentations, symposia and poster presentations will create plenty of opportunities for enriching and stimulating interactions.

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Association pour la Diffusion de la Recherche Internationale en Psychologie Sociale