Executive Committee 2019 – 2022

From the left to the right : Astrid Mignon, Odile Rohmer, Jean-Louis Tavani, Mickaël Jury, Marie-Pierre Fayant, Isabelle Milhabet


For the next four years, the new actual executive committee will propose actions to support the first vocation of ADRIPS and IRPS/RIPS: international dissemination of the French-speaking research in social psychology.  Continuing the work of previous executive committees, we will:

  1. Support the current work of IRPS editors to place the journal on the  foreground in social psychology.

The IRPS/RIPS (http://www.rips-irsp.com/) is an open-access journal in social psychology accessible to all authors, independently of their theoretical orientation. IRPS/RIPS editors encourage data sharing (for example, making data and experimental material accessible). Currently, the publication is free for the authors as the publication costs are assumed by the ADRIPS. The executive committee aim to support the future orientations envisaged by the directors of the RIPS.

  1. Maintaining the organisation of ADRIPS scientific events (Young Researchers Scientific Meeting, ADRIPS meetings, Theme Days Meetings) and propose new events such as workshops. 

The executive committee plans to maintain the international ADRIPS meetings on the even-numbered years as well as the Young Researchers Scientific Meetings and the Theme Days meetings on the odd-numbered years. Moreover, the executive committee will encourage any initiative with regards to the training of our members  (for instance: Statistic Workshops, Research practices Workshops, Methodology Workshops and Thematic Workshops).

  1. Reinforce actions toward young researchers 

The executive committee will maintain the various actions aiming to support young colleagues during and after the doctorate. We will therefore pursue mobility fundings. We will also encourage them to visit french-speaking universities. Moreover, ADRIPS aims to provide relevant information concerning job offers (e.g., open positions, selection committee composition). Finally, to support master students, we fixed their adhesion fees at 10 €  and free subscription to our scientific meetings.

  1. Reinforce actions toward research networks 

As already said in relation to scholars training, We will encourage and support scientific workshop proposals (how to write and publish a paper, ethical research practices, writing a grant proposal, etc.), inter-lab seminars and any partnership with socio-economic actors. We aim to to develop research dynamics that goes beyond our universities and open toward collaborative projects.

  1. Encourage the dissemination of social psychology research to a broad audience

The ADRIPS Executive Committee is currently trying to extend research dissemination via science popularization.  To this goal, we aim to work with In-Mind International editors to développé a french-speaking version in this electronic journal published in several languages.

The Executive Committee would like to develop its network to any person working in the field of social psychology in order to further our relations between our alumni and current social psychology research developed in our universities.

To complete these tasks successfully, we will work with two communication officers on social networks:  Camille Sanrey (Univ. Grenoble Alpes) et Adrien Gasnault (University Paris 8 – Vincennes – Saint Denis).


Members of the Executive Committee (by alphabetic order)

Marie-Pierre Fayant (MCF – Université Paris Descartes) – Webmaster & numeric activities.

Contact : webmaster(at)adrips.org

Web Site : here

Mickaël Jury (MCF – ESPE Clermont Auvergne) – Treasurer General.

Contact : tresorier(at)adrips.org

Site web : Here

Astrid Mignon (MCF – Université de Lille) – Vice-Presidente.

Contact : astrid (point) mignonVPADRIPS   chez gmail.com

Web Site : https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Astrid_Mignon

Isabelle Milhabet (PU – Université de Nice) – Secretary.

Contact : secretaire(at)adrips.org

Web Site : Ici

Odile Rohmer (PU – Université de Strasbourg) – Presidente.

Contact : president(at)drips.org

Web Site : Ici

Jean-Louis Tavani (MCF – Université Paris 8) – Associative Life and scientific animation

Contact :jean-louis.tavani(at)univ-paris8.fr

Web Site : Ici


Association pour la Diffusion de la Recherche Internationale en Psychologie Sociale