Jean-Léon Beauvois: Message from RIPS/IRSP

The IRSP editorial team is very saddened about the recent passing of Jean-Léon Beauvois.

Jean-Léon  Beauvois was one of the founders of the IRSP, and (with others) worked to promote the association (ADRIPS) that supported it. He had a very important role in making our journal a recognized and visible outlet (learn all about the history of the journal here : ). He was co-editor in chief or the journal for 4 years (1995-1998), and then full editor in chief for another 2 full years (1999-2000). This coincided with the first ever International Congress of Social Psychology in French Language, held by the ADRIPS.
You can find here an excerpt from an interview conducted with Jean-Léon about the review,
Beyond his role in the ADRIPS and in our journal, Jean-Léon Beauvois was an extraordinary scholar. A major aspect of his abundant work involved seeking to address the ideological underpinnings of classical social psychological processes (such as impression formation, and social influence), that have been traditionally studied at an interpersonal level. He also published books for a popular audience, such as the Petit traité de manipulation à l’usage des honnêtes gens [Brief Treatise on Manipulation for Honest People], probably the greatest commercial success for a French speaking book in social psychology.
In every aspect, Jean-Léon Beauvois was a brilliant social psychologist who did so much for European social psychology as we know it today. We are deeply thankful.

On behalf of the IRSP editorial team, we present our condolences to Jean-Léon Beauvois’ family.