BAPS2020 Virtual Conference, 27th May 2020

Dear colleagues,

Despite the current circumstances, we are extremely pleased to announce the programme of the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Belgian Association of Psychological Sciences (27th May 2020). The meeting is a shorter version of the usual conference, run online because of the current measures in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Despite these limitations, we have put together an exciting programme that can be viewed at the following website:

The conference is completely free to attend. There is no registration.

The meeting consists of four online ‘live events’ that can be accessed by clicking the links on the following website on the day of the conference:

  1. The first live event will consist of an introduction, and a keynote presentation by Bernard Rimé (UCLouvain), titled, Collective responses to collective traumas: Synchronization and collective resilience
  2. In the second live event, you will have a choice of attending one of three symposia. These are Symposium 1 ​organised by Steve Majerus (ULiège) and Wim Fias (UGent), Memory for serial order: Theory and application; Symposium 2 organised by Stephan Van den Broucke (UCLouvain) and Ann DeSmet (ULB), Health psychological perspectives on COVID-19 and Symposium 3, organised by Céline Douilliez (UCLouvain) and Maarten Vansteenkiste (UGent), Perspectives from applied and clinical psychology on COVID-19
  3. The third live event consists of the BAPS Prize Awards. There will be a prize presentation for the BAPS Best Master’s Thesis Award by Rakoen Maertens (UGent), Combatting climate change misinformation: Longevity of inoculation and consensus messaging effects followed by the BAPS Early Career Award by Pieter Van Dessel (UGent), Inference training: A new theory-based form of cognitive bias modification to foster adaptive behavioral choices
  4. The final online session is the General Assembly that is for the members of BAPS

In addition to the live events, there are also offline movies of open talk presentations (15 minutes in length) and offline movies of poster presentations (3 minutes in length). These movies can be viewed from the 21st May 2020 on the website:

To join the live events, please click on the links on the website.

If you have any questions, you can contact Martin Edwards ( or Annalisa Casini ( (co-presidents of the organisation committee)

We would be very grateful if you could circulate the call widely to your colleagues.

We very much look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Martin Edwards and Annalisa Casini,

The BAPS2020 Organisation Committee

The BAPS Executive Committee