Tech + Relationships Conference – Annecy 2020

We invite you to submit proposal submissions (presentations and hackathon sessions) for the second annual Tech + Relationships Conference. This is a small conference (60-80 attendees) aimed at fostering collaborations with researchers and professionals in academia and industry. 
This conference will focus on integrating applications from technology and theory from psychology researchers in a range of domains, including interpersonal relationships, health and well-being, and sexuality. The conference will feature keynotes from several of the world leaders on relationships and technology, including Amanda Gesselman and Justin Lehmiller (the Kinsey Institute), Catrin Finkenauer (Utrecht University), Lorne Campbell (Western University), Jim Coan (University of Virginia), and Gurit Birnbaum (IDC Herzliya). Attendees will benefit from being exposed to a variety of technologies and analytic tools to expand their research repertoire, and immediately leverage acquired knowledge through “hackathon” style development sessions to produce concrete products/applications and begin new collaborations with industry, as well as other researchers, during the conference. Website:


When: July 17-19 2020 
The conference will be held on July 18th and 19th, conveniently before IARR in London and IASR in Berlin for those attending either of these conferences.


Where: Annecy, France at the Beauregard Hotel;


Submission instructions: We invite submissions from researchers of all career stages interested in tech or relationships (broadly defined), and especially the intersection of the two. Academics may apply to either give an academic presentation or to lead a topic during one of the hackathon sessions.


Submission link, due February 5:


Anticipated costs: Registration will cost up to 350 Euros, which includes a two-night hotel stay as well as breakfast and lunch. We are seeking sponsorship to reduce registration costs (If we receive enough sponsorship, it is possible that travel awards may be available for early-career researchers in need of financial support).


We encourage interested attendees to reach out to myself ( or Rhonda Balzarini ( if they have questions or want to briefly discuss the suitability of their topic.
Amy Moors, Chapman University
Rhonda Balzarini, York University 
Hans IJzerman, Université Grenoble Alpes
Rick Klein, Tilburg University
Oliver Dujols, Université Grenoble Alpes
Anna Szabelska, Psychological Science Accelerator