Annonce de Parution : The Psychologie of Learning par Hughes et DeHouwer

Sean Hughes et Jan de Houwer viennent de publier un livre sur la psychologie de l’apprentissage aux édition MIT Press. t( ). 
Grace au soutien de l’Université de Ghent le livre est téléchargeable gratuitement ici :  . 
Book synopsis

“Learning unites all living creatures, from simple microbes to complex human beings. But what exactly is learning? And how does it work? For over a century now, psychologists have asked and answered such questions. Some (like behavior analysts) examined the way in which the environment shapes behavior whereas others (like cognitive scientists) have sought to understand the mental processes that enable us to learn. Our book offers an introduction to the psychology of learning that draws on the key findings and major insights from both functional (e.g., behavior analysis) and cognitive approaches. We first provide an in depth discussion of the nature of learning and the way it is studied in psychology. We then review research showing how seemingly simple regularities in the environment lead to powerful changes in behavior, from habituation, and classical conditioning, to operant conditioning effects. Moving beyond the known literature, we introduce the concept of complex learning and consider the idea that, in verbal human beings, even seemingly simple types of learning might qualify as instances of complex learning. Finally, we offer many examples of how psychological research on learning is being used to promote human well-being and alleviate societal problems such as psychological suffering and climate change.”