Revue Internationale de Psychologie Sociale, Volume 27 (3-4)


Menace du stéréotype chez les enfants : passé et présent / Stereotype threat in children: Past and present


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Revue internationale de psychologie sociale 2014/3-4 (Tome 27).         238 pages. 

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Page 5. Isabelle Régner, Jennifer R. Steele, Pascal Huguet
Stereotype threat in children: Past and present

Page 13. Isabelle Régner, Jennifer R. Steele, Nalini ambady, Catherine Thinus-Blanc, Pascal Huguet
Our future scientists: A review of stereotype threat in girls from early elementary school to middle school

Page 53. Christine K. Shenouda, Judith H. Danovitch
Effects of gender stereotypes and stereotype threat on children’s performance on a spatial task

Page 79. Allison Master, Sapna Cheryan, Andrew N. Meltzoff
Reducing adolescent girls’ concerns about STEM stereotypes: When do female teachers matter?

Page 103. Nancy Hoi Wing Chan, Harriet E. S. Rosenthal
Working memory moderates stereotype threat effects for adolescents in Hong Kong

Page 119. Aïna Chalabaev, Emilie Dematte, Philippe Sarrazin, Paul Fontayne
Creating regulatory fit under streotype threat: Effects on performance and self-determination among junior high school students

Page 133. Sophie Berjot, Camille Amoura, Leïla Bensalah, Amandine Herbay
Stereotype threat among children attending adapted courses (7-10 years old): A sutdy in a quasi-ordinary classroom

Page 161. Jennifer R. Steele, Emily C. Bianchi, Nalini Ambady
The effects of racial primes on the test performance of African-american and European-American children

Page 175. Kristal hines shelvin, Rocío Rivadeneyra, Corinne Zimmerman
Stereotype threat in African American children: The role of black identity and stereotype awareness

Page 205. Sarah E. Martiny, Sog Yee Mok, Kay Deaux, Laura Froehlich
Effects of activating negative stereotypes about Turkish-origin students on performance and identity management in German high schools

Page 227. Ashton C. Southard, Hani Morgan, Virgil Zeigler-Hill
The influence of culturally authentic children’s books on the self-esteem and racial preferences of elementary school students