Revue Internationale de Psychologie Sociale, Volume 26 (4)

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Revue internationale de psychologie sociale 2013/4 (Tome 26). 124 pages. 

ISSN : 0992-986X
ISSN en ligne : 2119-4130. ISBN : 9782706118630. 
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Sommaire / Contents


Page 5. Lin Yi-Hsiu, Chen Chen-Yueh
 Masculine versus feminine sports: The effects of peer attitudes and fear of negative evaluation on sports participation among Taiwanese college students

Page 25. Katarzyna Adamczyk
Development and validation of the Polish-language version of the Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS)

Page 49. Valérie Fointiat, Daniel Priolo, Roxane Saint-Bauzel, Isabelle Milhabet
Justifier nos transgressions pour réduire notre hypocrisie ? Hypocrisie induite et identification des transgressions

Page 79. Maria Sakalaki, Clive Richardson, Penelope Sotiriou
Group membership overrides dispositional variables in the determination of reciprocation of trust in a game situation

Page 93. Jasmine Lequeurre, Nicolas Gillet, Christophe Ragot, Evelyne Fouquereau
Validation of a French questionnaire to measure job demands and resources