Yacht Crew Agreement

Our workflows make it easy to create (and restore) documents. We use information from key documents and automatically create supporting documents. All this can be sent to the crew member in an appropriate email. The main tasks of a superyacht captain can include: A flight attendant is a senior crew member who manages various areas of the superyacht, from crew recruitment and financial affairs to domestic administration and procurement, depending on the crew on board. Pursuers are usually found on large yachts, otherwise the role can contain a large amount of crossover with the responsibilities of the chief stewardess or housekeeper. The Bosun, sometimes known as the Head Hand or Senior Deckhand, is likely to be an experienced deckhand who climbs the ranks of his career. The Bosun is responsible for the maintenance of the yacht`s exterior and the supervision of the deckhands. The Bosun is responsible for establishing appropriate rules for the ship that are clearly visible to the team attached to each crew contract, and: • The terms and conditions of employment of a seafarer must be set out or mentioned in a clear, written and legally enforceable agreement and must comply with the standards set out in the Code. We cover the most common positions, with a list of typical responsibilities and an expected salary range for permanent crew working on yachts between 35 and 100 meters LOA (data from YPI Crew`s Yachting Salaries tool). We are still in the process of adding new documents, but we welcome the recommendations. Please send info@yachtforms.com an email. Probably the best known and most respected role aboard a yacht – large or small – is that of the captain.

The captain has two main objectives on board: the safe occupation and operation of the ship, as well as the care of guests and crew. A crew contract must provide the name and contact details of the yacht`s company or agency, as well as a more detailed description of the vessel. It should also include details: the roles therefore vary depending on the structure of the department. The first officer is the captain`s second commander and manages the entire deck crew, including the second officer, bosuns and deckhands. It is also responsible for: 2.2. « Crew/Crew Member »: Any person who submits their information to the Company via a website, email, oral presentation or otherwise expresses their desire to find employment through SuperYacht Crew Agency Ltd and/or www.superyachtcrewagency.com. 8. MLC Compliance Requirements – The Customer8.11. The customer guarantees to comply at all times with the MLC and its regulations applicable to the employment of the master and crew. Any non-compliance can be a repugnant contact break.

8.12. In accordance with the MLC, the Customer shall: 8.12.1. Provide the Company with a model of the Standard Contract, including an SEA, which it provides to a Crew member before a Crew comes or is introduced by the Crew crew joining their yacht.8.12.2. Ensure that the client also complies with the established rules of the flag State by giving the crew member the opportunity to review their employment contract before signing and starting work on the ship. 8.12.3. Provide the crew member with a personal copy of the employment contract.8.12.4. Obtain insurance coverage, in particular P&I coverage, to ensure the financial security of crew members and to meet shipowners` financial obligations under the MLC, including but not limited to: to cover the costs of repatriation or repatriation of the crew member to the port where he or she first joined the employer; bear the costs, that the crew member is not stranded in a port other than the port of departure.8.12.5. Provide the Company with a copy of the insurance required by this clause and confirm that it is in place at any material time.8.12.6. Ensure that candidates and/or crew members are informed of all special conditions that apply to the job for which they are hired, that this information is provided to the Company prior to any engagement and that the Company, candidates and crew members are informed of a shipowner`s or client`s employment policies.8.12.7.

take all reasonable steps to ensure that crew members responsible for the safe navigation of the ship and for pollution prevention receive adequate training and certification.8.12.8. .