When Does the Service Contract Act Apply

(b) Any contract amendment that results in the $2,500 contract and – If the Ministry of Labour determines before or after the award of a contract and determines that a contract agent has wrongly determined that the Act respecting labour standards for service contracts does not apply to a particular acquisition or does not include an adequate wage establishment in a covered contract, the contracting officer must, within 30 days of notification by the Ministry of Labour, include clause 52.222-41 and all applicable salary determinations issued by the administrator in the contract. If the agreement is subject to 41 U.S.C. 6707(c), the administrator may require the retroactive application of this wage provision. The customer must adjust the contract price appropriately to take into account the change in performance costs resulting from the inclusion of a salary determination or revision. (a) Inform the Contractor as soon as possible after the award of the Contract of the labour standards requirements of the Labour Standards Act for Service Contracts and of the responsibilities it assumes under those requirements, unless it is clear that the Contractor is fully informed thereof. (ii) The contract may be exempted from the Act respecting labour standards in terms of a service contract in accordance with paragraph 22.1003-4(c). (1) The wage of manual workers is the basic hourly rate for each class. The rate corresponds to the second stage of the Salary Board`s salary plan for non-supervisory employees and the third stage for surveillance employees. (a) The Secretary of Labour may impose appropriate restrictions and make rules and regulations that permit reasonable deviations, tolerances and exceptions to and in respect of some or all of the provisions of the Act respecting labour standards of service contracts, except section 41 U.S.C. 6707 (f).

These are made only in special circumstances where it has been determined that the restriction, variation, tolerance or exception is necessary and appropriate in the public interest or to avoid serious interference in government business and is consistent with the corrective objective of the Act respecting labour standards of service contracts to protect applicable labour standards (41 U.S.C. 6707 (b)). See 29 CFR 4.123 for a list of exceptions, tolerances, and administrative variations. Requests for restrictions, waivers, tolerances and exceptions to the Labour Standards Statute for service contracts must be submitted in writing to the Compensation and Hours Administrator through the Agency`s contractual channels and employment counsellor. (2) If the contract employee has received the collective agreement in a timely manner, the contract employee may make a wage determination related to the collective agreement through the WDOL website and include that wage determination, which is attached to a complete copy of the collective agreement, in the successor contractual action. When applying the WDOL procedure, it is not necessary to submit a copy of the collective agreement to the Ministry of Labour unless necessary. (f) where the services are provided in more than one place and the rates of collective remuneration and ancillary services are different in different places or do not apply to one or more places, the contract agent shall designate the places to which the agreements apply. The Ministry of Labour may request reports on the cost of employee wages and benefits by contract, so the contractor must keep meticulous records that track this information to the point where it is easily created upon request. (g) Rules of Practice for Administrative Procedures for the Application of Labour Standards for Service Contracts (29 CFR Part 6); and (2) The Customer may not include clause 52.222-41 (or any of the related clauses of the Act respecting labour standards of service contracts as prescribed in this section for possible use when applying 52.222-41) in the resulting contract if – The Customer must attempt to identify the specific locations or geographical areas in which the Services could be provided. Possible venues may be indicated: « Wage Determination » means a determination of minimum wage or benefits in accordance with 41 U.S.C.

6703 or 6707(c) applicable to the employment of one or more classes of service workers in a particular location. (c) the member of the contract staff has no reason to doubt the certificate; The contracting authority shall obtain wage determinations for the following service contracts: (1) If the contracting authority considers that the agreement of a regular or predecessor contractor is not the result of arm`s length negotiations, the contract agent shall contact the Agency`s employment adviser in order to determine the appropriate measures. Contractors and subcontractors can challenge findings of violations and exclusion before an administrative judge (ALJ). Contractors and subcontractors may appeal the decisions of the ALJ to the Administrative Review Commission (ARB). The ARB`s final findings on violations and exclusions can be challenged in federal courts and are binding. (2) Possible locations or service areas that the customer has already determined. (3) The next anniversary date of the multi-year contract (annual anniversary date or two-year date). .

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